Light version of the LlamantoClassic, which makes it a super fun lively board. Its flat deck hides a lot of volume –considering its reduced size– to push you through weak summer waves with ease. You can order it thinner tough, with finer rails to improve its performance. The 5 fin option gives you so many variations that will have you wondering wich is...

High performance interpretation of our Classic minisimmons Cranc. Super fast planing vehicle thanks to its width, yet very maneuverable due to the not so wide tail. A perfect small wave catcher. The five fin setup offers a whole world for experimenting, quad option being our favourite. Ride it at least 4" shorter than your height.

High performance oriented shorboard with a lot of curve and nice tail rocker to stick to the pocket and go for vertical off-the-tops. Better from knee to head high waves, specially good in hollow surf. It can be shaped according to your own specs.

The Calamar is the parfect all-around board for the everyday surf or to take on a trip. A well balanced and basic outline that works in both weak or hollow waves, paddles like a retro board but performs like a shortboard. It also allows for different fin configurations to add more fun to the pack. A must have board.  

A finless experiment that borrows the outline of the LlamantoClassic and takes it to a whole new dimension. Everything is extreme here: multi channeled bottom, 60/40 rails like the ones used in bodyboards (why not?), and flute rail channel at the tail's end to increase bite. A crazy horse to ride only for the surf freak.

Finless surfing is fun but it can get a bit frustrating. Here we wanted to make an almost-finless board but with some extra grab: you can still slide but with more control and extra drive thanks to its crazy concaved bottom. And to give it another twist we designed the board based on the Golden section, just like Mother Nature does.

Swallowtail variation of the Golden Slider with simpler bottom contours. It has shallower keels with wider base to favor boardslide and 360s, while mantaining enough hold for forward trim. It's also been designed under the Golden proportion rules to keep in tune with Mother Nature. This boards should be ridden very short.

Modernized fish for all conditions. A perfect all-around board, especially for power turn fanatics. It’s got generous volume and the wide tail offers a nice planning surface in small waves, though it’s particularly good at tuberiding. The quad set provides great projection, while its double pintail holds excellently in the barrel and through powerful turns.

BOARD IN STOCK! Straightened version of the CalamarEvolve model for bigger waves. It can be ridden single, 2+1 or as a twin with a tiny trailer. It's got a ni V entry for easy paddling and sharp rails in the tail to hold firmly in hollow faces.

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