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BOARD IN STOCK! Straightened version of the CalamarEvolve model for bigger waves. It can be ridden single, 2+1 or as a twin with a tiny trailer. It's got a ni V entry for easy paddling and sharp rails in the tail to hold firmly in hollow faces.

655,00 €

Modernized fish for all conditions. A perfect all-around board, especially for power turn fanatics. It’s got generous volume and the wide tail offers a nice planning surface in small waves, though it’s particularly good at tuberiding. The quad set provides great projection, while its double pintail holds excellently in the barrel and through powerful turns.

660,00 €

This is an exact replica of a classic Mark Richards twin fin from 1980. The CrokEvolve construction makes for a very fun board, fast, loose and maneuverable, that performs better that you would expect in all conditions. The soft natural cork surface feels super confortable and it's very grippy under your feet.   

680,00 €
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