The main problem of alaias is that they barely float and trying to catch waves can be quite frustrating. This cork alaia paddleas almost like a normal board, it still flexes, it's super fast and super fun! The soft decked cork makes for a very safe board, perfect for summer time and enjoy with all the family, as it can be ridden standing or prone.  

480,00 €

Do you want to replicate a board you have? Didn't find in our catalog the board you're looking for? Want to add a wooden board to your quiver and have a clear idea of what you want? Just let us know your thoughts and let's make the board of your dreams.

580,00 €

This is an exact replica of a classic Mark Richards twin fin from 1980. The CrokEvolve construction makes for a very fun board, fast, loose and maneuverable, that performs better that you would expect in all conditions. The soft natural cork surface feels super confortable and it's very grippy under your feet.   

680,00 €
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