Do you want to know why midlengths became so trendy today? It took a long while for people to figure out, but here you have the answer: it paddles like a long board, it’s super meneuverable and it smoothes the glide like anything you've surfed before. More waves = more fun! It also can be ridden as a single, as a twin or 2+1. 

683,53 €

Our version of the classic Bali board, the single fin that Steve Cooney was riding in the film Morning of the Earth. A board for the classic surfing lovers, for drawing big clean lines in any kind of conditions.

626,57 €

Our recreation of the most popular design of Bob Simmons, known as the "father of the modern surfboard". Classig egg rails, belly under the nose and a deep long single concave runing all the way to the tail. This board not only turns, but in nice sized waves is capable of drawing big clean lines at match speed, while in tiny surf it just takes off and...

1 264,46 €

Classic style semi gun for singlefin lovers. But don’t be fooled, it can ride anything from knee to watever you can hold. Expect big clean lines and an amazing glide. Slight belly entry and Vee throughout the whole board for easy rail to rail transitions. The sharp rails and pin tail will hold like a hook in the barrel. 

853,72 €

Are you thinking of making an asymmetrical board? Do you want to replicate a board you have? Didn't find in our catalog the board you're looking for? Want to add a wooden board to your quiver and have a clear idea of what you want? Just let us know your thoughts and let's make the board of your dreams.

626,45 €

We made this version of the Dorada for our ambassadress Andrea Molina. She wanted a shorter longboard to surf both small and bigger waves. With a straightened outline and increased rocker, this board is pure magic. Now you can see Andrea pulling hang fives in tiny days and getting pitted in WA caverns. This must be the epitome of an all arround board for...

740,50 €

There’s a lot of hipe today about midlegths. No wonder why: with more volume and a longer surface you paddle easy, get a lot of waves, you can still maneuver easily and even get confortable in the barrel. Add all this to an already very versatile outline like that of the Calamar and you get a craft you will fall in love with.  

740,50 €

The Peix is actually a board range conceived to continue improving your surfing level in a logical maneer. We get rid of any pre-conceived ideas and concentrate strictly on hidrodynamics. But don't be fooled by the looks of it, these aren't only begginer boards. These are crafts are so fun you will want to keep them forever!

739,67 €

If you have a shaper you trust but still you would like to have one of his board made with Flama technology, this is your go. Over the years I’ve worked with different shapers and the feed back has been always great. From tow boards, to guns or high performance boards, I can make it all with a construction that will suit your needs. 

735,54 €
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