Flamasurf Wooden Surfboards - Flama Surf

Amazingly fast planing vehicle, very loose, with a surprising projection. It feels like an alaia, but with more bite thanks to the sharp rails and small fins. Behind the alaia, this is the fastest board you'll ever ride. Also, a super fun board in poor conditions.

569,61 €

Classic but modern, versatile noserider. Surprising paddling power, feels as if it was a few inches longer and you were surfing butter. Great in all conditions, very stable and super easy to noseride. The square tail version provides more stability for noseriding, while the pin tail is a bit more maneuverable. 

1 024,79 €

We made this version of the Dorada for our ambassadress Andrea Molina. She wanted a shorter longboard to surf both small and bigger waves. With a straightened outline and increased rocker, this board is pure magic. Now you can see Andrea pulling hang fives in tiny days and getting pitted in WA caverns. This must be the epitome of an all arround board for...

740,50 €

When a client asked me if I could make a fish version of the Dorada the answer was “why not!”. The result is a very fun and versatile board. Super easy wave entry, fast and maneuverable. I might look like a summer board, but the twin-pin also holds in steeper and hollow faces, so it is a board that accommodates to all kind of conditions in small to medium...

683,53 €

I designed this board for a client that lives in Martinique, with the feedback I got from him after some previous boards. Only one thing in mind: noseriding. It has a good kick tail and a reversed rocker, with a lot of surface on the tail area and rolled rails so water stays on top. No concave, just a nice belly running from the nose to the fin, where it...

1 024,79 €

Our version of the classic Bali board, the single fin that Steve Cooney was riding in the film Morning of the Earth. A board for the classic surfing lovers, for drawing big clean lines in any kind of conditions.

626,57 €

Classic style semi gun for singlefin lovers. But don’t be fooled, it can ride anything from knee to watever you can hold. Expect big clean lines and an amazing glide. Slight belly entry and Vee throughout the whole board for easy rail to rail transitions. The sharp rails and pin tail will hold like a hook in the barrel. 

853,72 €

A classic fish that takes the original template and standard attributes of the original Steve Lis fish from 1970/71. We added a slight belly under the nose to give more paddling power and better projection after turns. Also the keel fins have been moved forward to make it more loose. The massive volume and flat rocker makes it a wave catcher. We recommend...

626,57 €

Do you want to know why midlengths became so trendy today? It took a long while for people to figure out, but here you have the answer: it paddles like a long board, it’s super meneuverable and it smoothes the glide like anything you've surfed before. More waves = more fun! It also can be ridden as a single, as a twin or 2+1. 

683,53 €