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High performance interpretation of our mini simmons Cranc. I took the same basic concepts but narrowed the tail and refined the rails to gain more control. The result is a super fast planing vehicle thanks to its width, yet very maneuverable. A perfect small wave catcher. 

683,47 € tax excl.

Quad option is my favourite, but with keels it’s even looseer. This board allows different botton configurations too, with deep concaves or channels to enhance the fin set up. Ride it at least 4" shorter than your height.

Flama Nou Cranc



5’6” x 21 1/4" x 2 5/8" x 36L

5’8” x 21 3/4" x 2 3/4” x 37L

* Take in mind that volume can be modified in many ways, so a shorter board can have more liters than a longer one. We’ll figure out the best dimensions for you when we design the board. 



Every Flama board is totally custom made, we don’t make stock boards. This means we you should use our board catalogue as a starting point. Also take board measurements and liters as mere orientation. Just let us know what you’re looking for, what kind of surfing or feel you envise, the boards you usually ride and your favourite one, the kind of waves you expect to surf, etc. The more I know from you the better! With that info in mind I’ll design the board and pass you a proposal so you can check it and give me the ok.




• You preffer a stiffer and longer lasting board (we don’t mean heavier!). 
• A board that allows DIY repairs. Cork rails also absorve impacts in a way you won’t believe, and if they ever ding they do not urge to be repaired. 
• It’s going to be your everyday board or plan to travel a lot with it.


• You want a very light and more performance oriented board.
• If you’re looking for the flexy and pop feel of an EPS/epoxi board.
• If we work with a hand shaped board. 



Prices include:

• FCS-I classic plugs, Futures fin systems and Usbox (no ption for FCS-II or FCS Fusion)
• Possible decoration with tints or small pyrographed logo/image
• Serial number and GoldLevel Ecoboard certification stamp

Prices do not include:

• Extra fin boxes
• Shipping
• Drawings or extensive decorations

— Allow a period of 8/10 weeks to make your surfboard. Once I start I'll be sending you pictures of the whole process so you can follow how your board is being made.— 



We don’t ship outside EU due to environmental reasons. There are very good builders all arround the planet that might be closer to where you live. Just let us know and we’ll try to recommend you other sustainable labels we trust.




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Modernized fish for all conditions. A perfect all-around board, especially for power turn fanatics. The quad option makes it super fast in smaller waves and offers more hold in hollow waves and surprising projection out of turns. As a twin it becomes looser and more maneuverable.

626,57 €

Amazingly fast planing vehicle, very loose, with a surprising projection. It feels like an alaia, but with more bite thanks to the sharp rails and small fins. Behind the alaia, this is the fastest board you'll ever ride. Also, a super fun board in poor conditions.

569,61 €

Our version of the classic Bali board, the single fin that Steve Cooney was riding in the film Morning of the Earth. A board for the classic surfing lovers, for drawing big clean lines in any kind of conditions.

626,57 €

Do you want to know why midlengths became so trendy today? It took a long while for people to figure out, but here you have the answer: it paddles like a long board, it’s super meneuverable and it smoothes the glide like anything you've surfed before. More waves = more fun! It also can be ridden as a single, as a twin or 2+1. 

683,53 €

Our recreation of the most popular design of Bob Simmons, known as the "father of the modern surfboard". Classig egg rails, belly under the nose and a deep long single concave runing all the way to the tail. This board not only turns, but in nice sized waves is capable of drawing big clean lines at match speed, while in tiny surf it just takes off and...

1 264,46 €

Based on Hobie Alter's late 50's pig, just before foam replaced balsa wood. Its main feature is the wide tail, to pivot in beach or point breaks. Flat rocker that offers great paddling and better speed. Nice combination of volume/weight for classic, hot-dogging surfing. We can make it very light, but we strongly recommend a good 8 to 9kg for a classic...

1 264,46 €

Classic but modern, versatile noserider. Surprising paddling power, feels as if it was a few inches longer and you were surfing butter. Great in all conditions, very stable and super easy to noseride. The square tail version provides more stability for noseriding, while the pin tail is a bit more maneuverable. 

1 024,79 €

A classic fish that takes the original template and standard attributes of the original Steve Lis fish from 1970/71. We added a slight belly under the nose to give more paddling power and better projection after turns. Also the keel fins have been moved forward to make it more loose. The massive volume and flat rocker makes it a wave catcher. We recommend...

626,57 €

We call Bob Simmons the "father of the modern surfboard" because his designs were far ahead of his time. Get a Cranc to experience the fundamentals of planung hulls and to discover how fast you can go on a wave. 

626,45 €

Surprisingly easy board to ride, it goes anywhere you want her to go. The hullish belly under the nose eases the paddle and in gets into the wave very quickly. It also feels like a fish, but easier to turn thanks to the sharp corner of the diamond tail. 

683,47 €

Classic style semi gun for singlefin lovers. But don’t be fooled, it can ride anything from knee to watever you can hold. Expect big clean lines and an amazing glide. Slight belly entry and Vee throughout the whole board for easy rail to rail transitions. The sharp rails and pin tail will hold like a hook in the barrel. 

853,72 €

This concept started as a more maneuverable version of the Cranc. Over the years I refined it to what it is now. An ultra fast sled, very reactive, fun granted in any conditions. The massive volume makes it easy to catch smaller waves. Leveled rails under the nose to single concave to slight spiral vee. There’s also a swallow tail version that adds some...

569,42 €

High performance oriented shorboard with a lot of curve and nice tail rocker to stick to the pocket and go for vertical off-the-tops. Better from knee to head high waves, specially good in hollow surf. It can be shaped according to your own specs.

630,00 €

BOARD IN STOCK! Straightened version of the CalamarEvolve model for bigger waves. It can be ridden single, 2+1 or as a twin with a tiny trailer. It's got a ni V entry for easy paddling and sharp rails in the tail to hold firmly in hollow faces.

655,00 €

This is the prfect all-around board for the everyday surf or to take on a trip. A very well balanced and basic outline that works in both weak or hollow waves, paddles like a retro board but performs like a shortboard. A must have board.

683,47 €

The main problem of alaias is that they barely float and trying to catch waves can be quite frustrating. This cork alaia paddleas almost like a normal board, it still flexes, it's super fast and super fun! The soft decked cork makes for a very safe board, perfect for summer time and enjoy with all the family, as it can be ridden standing or prone.  

480,00 €

This Mark Richards twin fin replica from 1980 feels loose and fast, it’s very easy to meneuver and holds in hollow surf. With the massive volume paddling is a joke, while the classic down thick rails bite into the wave face like butter.

626,45 €

Are you thinking of making an asymmetrical board? Do you want to replicate a board you have? Didn't find in our catalog the board you're looking for? Want to add a wooden board to your quiver and have a clear idea of what you want? Just let us know your thoughts and let's make the board of your dreams.

626,45 €

Performance oriented version of the Llobarro-I, specially good in medium to small weak waves. The narrower and not so deep swallow tail helps you pull quicker and sharper turns with control, without compromising the planing capabilities and speed of a wider fish tail. It can be ridden as a quad or a twin. 

626,57 €

If you like small boards with a skatey feel, super fast and very maneuverable board, you should try this Llobarro version. The wider tail adds a greater area in the back of the board, which puts the board in planing mode super quickly. Don’t be affraid to go 3’ shorter than your standard board, you’ll be surprised at how good and free it feels having so...

626,57 €

We made this version of the Dorada for our ambassadress Andrea Molina. She wanted a shorter longboard to surf both small and bigger waves. With a straightened outline and increased rocker, this board is pure magic. Now you can see Andrea pulling hang fives in tiny days and getting pitted in WA caverns. This must be the epitome of an all arround board for...

740,50 €

When a client asked me if I could make a fish version of the Dorada the answer was “why not!”. The result is a very fun and versatile board. Super easy wave entry, fast and maneuverable. I might look like a summer board, but the twin-pin also holds in steeper and hollow faces, so it is a board that accommodates to all kind of conditions in small to medium...

683,53 €

I designed this board for a client that lives in Martinique, with the feedback I got from him after some previous boards. Only one thing in mind: noseriding. It has a good kick tail and a reversed rocker, with a lot of surface on the tail area and rolled rails so water stays on top. No concave, just a nice belly running from the nose to the fin, where it...

1 024,79 €

It was fun to discover that the very first bonzers made by its inventors in 1971, the Campbell brothers, used a very similar template to my Bou model. Those first boards didn’t have the famous concaves yet, but they’re considered to be the first to herald the tri-fin setup, in a time where everyone was still on singlefins.

807,44 €

Finless surfing is fun, but trying to hold your rail can be a bit frustrating sometimes. With an almost-finless board –with tiny fins– you get some extra grab: you can still slide, but with more control and drive. With these finlettes you’re not fighting to engage the rail, you can spin or slide across the wave’s face and stop when you want. Also, with...

683,47 €

There’s a lot of hipe today about midlegths. No wonder why: with more volume and a longer surface you paddle easy, get a lot of waves, you can still maneuver easily and even get confortable in the barrel. Add all this to an already very versatile outline like that of the Calamar and you get a craft you will fall in love with.  

740,50 €

The Peix is actually a board range conceived to continue improving your surfing level in a logical maneer. We get rid of any pre-conceived ideas and concentrate strictly on hidrodynamics. But don't be fooled by the looks of it, these aren't only begginer boards. These are crafts are so fun you will want to keep them forever!

739,67 €

David Bustamante “Zuku” is a barrel hunter from the Basque Country. He is one of the first in the line when Mundaka is pumping, so when he asked me for a board to ride those freight trains I almost fainted. But when he passed me the feedback I just knew this had to become a model.If you’re a barrel maniac and care about the environment, this should be...

683,47 €

If you have a shaper you trust but still you would like to have one of his board made with Flama technology, this is your go. Over the years I’ve worked with different shapers and the feed back has been always great. From tow boards, to guns or high performance boards, I can make it all with a construction that will suit your needs. 

735,54 €